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Organic Pitted Green Olives – (8 Ct. 6 oz. Jars)


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GAEA Organic Pitted Green Olives are handpicked from organically cultivated trees. These superb Olympian organic olives are plumb, fleshy and full of flavor. Eat on their own or add to casseroles and salads. Meze finger food and appetizers to savour and share from the Greek mediteranean table.

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Pitted green olives* | water | sea salt | lemon juice. *organically grown and processed.















  • PRESERVATIVE FREE – The pickling process has naturally preserved olives and other veggies historically. We don’t use preservatives or chemicals in our products, choosing the classic way to preserve for optimal health and an all-natural snack you will love.
  • Non-GMO – At Gaea, we take pride in our organic pitted green olives. It’s what we do and we do it well. All of our olives are grown on our Gaea-owned and operated olive groves, so we can guarantee the quality of the products we provide.
  • LOWEST SODIUM – One serving of organic pitted green olives contains much lower sodium than traditional pickled and preserved olives and other varieties of snacks. Lower sodium foods support optimal heart health.
  • GREAT FOR SNACKING – Add heart-healthy monounsaturated fats to salads, pizza, sandwiches, and more or just eat them right out of the jar! All-natural mixed marinated olives contain no preservatives or chemical ingredients and provide a variety of nutrients and a flavor that satisfies.
  • DELICIOUS – Our healthy organic pitted green olives are sun-ripened until their optimal harvest time. Handpicked and processed at their peak to obtain the best flavor profile, these olives are then preserved using only natural ingredients so you can appreciate the true quality of these impeccable olives.

GAEA Organic Halkidiki Pitted Green Olives are handpicked from our own olive groves of organically cultivated trees. We take great pride in our passion for Greek olives and love to share this passion with you. The Halkidiki variety of olive is known for its firm texture, nice bite, mellow flavor, and tart finish. Once the olives have been harvested, we marinate them for several days in our GAEA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These olives are perfect for salads, snacks, or munching on-the-go.

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