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GAEA Fresh Limited Edition – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – (17 oz. Bottle)


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GAEA FRESH is a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with the utmost care from the harvest to the shelf. Using the latest technology, we can seal in the freshness of early harvest and capture the intense aroma and taste.

  • Fresh from the press within 3 hours of harvest
  • Vintage harvest date declaration (like fine wine)
  • Limited edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with numbered bottles

16 in stock


Nutrition Facts:

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil











  • FINEST QUALITY: Our limited edition GAEA FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oil is guaranteed to be bottled within 3 hours of the harvest to preserve optimal nutritional composition, flavor, and aroma. This is a first in the olive oil game!
  • VINTAGE DATE: Each bottle is numbered and has a “vintage” harvest date like fine wines. This is a marker of quality and a sign of authenticity.
  • LIMITED STOCK: Our GAEA FRESH connoisseur extra virgin olive oils is only harvested for a limited time throughout the year. A certain quantity of bottles is carefully and skillfully produced to bring this incredibly decadent flavor from the orchard to your table. Numbered and dated bottles.
  • NON-GMO: At Gaea, we take pride in our olives. It’s what we do and we do it well. All of our olives are grown on our Gaea-owned and operated olive groves, so we can guarantee the quality of the products we provide.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY: We have married the classic art of fine olive oil making with the latest technology to create an oil that preserves a field fresh flavor as it is transported around the globe. The result is a rich aroma and a spicy, fruity flavor unrivaled by other olive oils on the market today.

GAEA FRESH is a revolution in the high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil category. Using the latest technology, this superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil seals in all the freshness of early harvest and really captures the intense aromas and taste. Sourced in Sparta, Greece from each harvest’s best growers. The olives are harvested by hand while still green and unripe.

Every bottle contains the juice of approx. 2300 early harvest Koroneiki & Athinoelia variety olives. We seal in optimal flavor, nutrition, aroma, and taste. This is the first olive oil in the world that is guaranteed fresh from the press within 3 hours of harvest. We include a “vintage” harvest date declaration (like fine wines) for true connoisseurs. This is a limited edition extra virgin olive oil (with numbered bottles) for each harvest year. The flavor profile is spicy and fruity.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 2.37 × 2.37 × 11.42 in


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