Our revolutionary, award-winning EVOO, Gaea Fresh (17OZ) Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (17OZ) Ancient Greek balsamic, Oxymelo (8.5OZ) Our Greek Vinaigrette—a blend of EVOO, balsamic vinegar and thyme honey (8.5OZ) Two varieties of our plump, jarred olives: Pitted Kalamata (10.2OZ) and Pimento Stuffed Green Olives (10.4OZ) Three of our unique, reseal-able Olive Snack Pouches in two sizes: Pitted Green with Lemon & Oregano (2.3OZ), Pitted Green with Chili & Black Pepper (2.3OZ) and Mixed Olives Marinated with Basil & Lemon (5.3OZ) Our unique Sundried Tomato Spread (3.5OZ) and our authentic Kalamata Olive Spread (3.5OZ)